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Anonymous asked:

Penny for your thoughts?

How about a penny for a poem?

You want to know what makes me feel alive?
Sitting in my car
at 3AM
listening to every song that reminds me of her.
Blasting every note
in order to force a tremble
deep in my bones.
Down to the marrow.
Just to shake the residue
that traveled beneath my skin.

We play these games.
Silly games.
We move in silence for days
until one of us touches the other.

My dreams are fucked up,
but I can’t call them nightmares.
You’re still in them.

programmedreactions asked:

Dear past me,

Dear past me,

Let me break it down for you:

  • You’re going to get hurt. Bad. By the one you trust the most. Your life will be flipped upside down in the matter of one 5 minute phone call.
  • Flying across the country for one person won’t fix shit. But, it will be worth it. You’ll come back with a changed view on life and you’ll forever be inked with those places we’ve considered home.
  • Arizona will break your heart.
  • You’ll finally be out of the city you came to despise. You’ll love being in a new place and starting fresh. But you’ll want to come back home.
  • Keep writing songs. And write more in general. Start now.
  • Visit your grandma in Washington. You don’t have much time left.
  • Don’t waste your time on anything that doesn’t make you happy.
  • Losing your way will happen. You’re still lost, even now, on most days.

I won’t spoil the details. It may sound like a lot to deal with, but the parts in between are fucking amazing.

And when we’re awoken by
the morning rain
and you pack your bags to return home,
I am broken down into my
most useless,
most vulnerable form
where nothing in my universe matters
until once again,
I feel the heat off of your skin.

- Excerpt of a notebook. February 16th, 2014

Your voicemail from the day I left
was deleted from my phone today.


That was the last piece of evidence
of a heart you once had.

Your weather is rolling in.
I was wondering if I’d ever be living in this town long enough to feel the chill that reminds me of you.